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Defining what is considered aesthetically feminine is a subjective matter that can vary with industry trends and scientific advancements. With that said, we'd like to share our current perspective at Contour Collection on how to enhance femininity through the use of neurotoxin and dermal filler to feminize the face.

First and foremost, we want to emphasize that Contour Collection welcomes everyone with open arms. It's incredibly important to us that our office is a safe and inclusive space for people of all identities. We understand that gender identity is a deeply personal matter, which is why this article is in no way intended to be binary or exclusionary.

Contour is all the rage in today's society, with countless contour makeup tutorials and how-to's flooding the internet. The more dynamic, wide, and curvy your face is, the more intriguing it becomes! As injectors, we're always analyzing the way light and shadows play across our clients' faces. Our aim is to subtly enhance volume, so you don't need to spend as much time on your makeup routine.

Check out these five practical ways to accentuate your feminine contours, so that whether you wear makeup or not, you'll feel confident, beautiful, and feminine every day when you step out of the house.


Did you know that Contour can be achieved through a few simple techniques? One of our favorites at Contour Collection is what we like to call The Slim. By injecting Botox or Dysport into the masseter muscles, aka the jaw muscles, we can help your face take on a more oval, slim shape. Plus, this technique can also naturally highlight your cheekbones!

If you're interested in The Slim, we recommend checking out our blog post on the treatment. We typically suggest 3-4 treatments spaced out every 3-4 months for the best results. So why wait? Starting now can give you the slim and contoured look you've been dreaming of!


Did you know that having full and high cheekbones can give your face a beautiful S shape? That's where Contour Collection comes in! We offer treatments using Juvederm Voluma or a combo of Restylane Lyft and Contour to add volume to your cheekbones, which we like to call The Cheeky. Our team knows exactly where to add filler to create the best light reflection and natural projection for your cheeks.

As we age, one of the first signs can be a loss of volume in the midface area. But by adding volume with our cheekbone filler, we can help prevent signs of aging and keep you looking youthful and radiant. So why not give The Cheeky a try?


At Contour Collection, we're all about helping you achieve bright and lifted eyes. One of the ways we can do this is by using Botox or Dysport. The best part is, the younger you are, the more effective this technique tends to be since your body is still producing collagen. By injecting Botox or Dysport into the muscles around the eyes that pull downward, we can achieve what we like to call the Restful & Awake look. This technique tightens the area between the eyelid and brow, giving you a refreshed and bright-eyed appearance. Plus, your eyebrows will naturally lift and take on a more arched shape!


Have you ever heard of the Cupid's Bow? It's that adorable M shape in the center of your top lip that really highlights your pout when paired with an everted upper lip. On the other hand, having dehydrated and thin lips can make you look older and less feminine. If you're looking to achieve a more feminine look, then you'll definitely want to book The Pout! This treatment will give you hydrated, defined, and pouty lips that are sure to enhance your natural beauty.


Have you ever considered the importance of chin projection? It's easy to forget how much a weak chin can affect the overall shape of your face. A well-defined chin can bring balance and sharpness to your features, while also reflecting light in a flattering way. By enhancing your chin with dermal fillers, or what we call The Chissle, you can create a more tapered and oval face shape, while also tightening the skin under your jawline. It's amazing how much a little volume in the right place can do!

If you have any questions about enhancing a feminine appearance, we are here to help! You can reach us at (720) 629-8921, or you can book a New Client Consultation to learn more. We're happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process.


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